Thursday, October 18, 2012

Caption Contest

We've decided to run our first ever contest on the blog.

Here are the rules: Write a caption for this picture and post it in a comment to this post.  We will not accept any captions on facebook.  Whitney and I will decide whose caption is best and send them a prize.  For bonus points, tell us where you think we took this picture.  Keep it classy. . .  or don't.


  1. Thai Silk Latex Gloves: Perfect for your asphyxiation fetish, and disposing of the body afterwards.

  2. The height of fall fashion, straight off the runways in Bangkok, life like hand scarves for when a silk one just will not cut it.

  3. Peter Pettigrew's mother.

  4. Whoa, almost forgot about this. This is actually an anti-cervical cancer advertisement found at a local hospital.

    Congratulations, Nate! You're the big winner. Are you still planning on coming to BKK?

    Teri, who is Peter Pettigrew?

  5. Dobber,

    Read the Harry Potter series or see the movies and then you will know.